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re: Guild Rules: Ranks

Clarification on ranks and how to get, and stay, promoted.
Our ranks are:

This is Vincent, Karé and Emily. For those that think it’s a cushy number it is not. We try our best to seek and take advice from my officers. Ultimately however it is impossible to please everyone. What we promise is we will always take whatever decision we feel is best for sustainability of Rude Awakening.

The raid leader is also an officer, but with the added responsibility of taking charge of raid teams and working out battle strategy. Guys please remember that just because you see a video saying to do it one way does not mean that is the only way. It is raid leader’s decision to access who is in team what strengths and weakness are and to adjust as sees necessary. When I am available I will take direction from them on who we should add and leave out of any particular raid and where we should go to raid. In my absence they will be solely responsible for choosing the raid team and deciding where we’re best going.

These are the players I feel are vital in keeping guild running and I know can step up and take care of guild business when guild leaders are not on.

To get promoted into any of the above roles, we firstly must have had an opening. Someone leaving the guild or taking an extended hiatus. Secondly it will be on a scale so an officer would move to gm or senior member to raid officer. I do however maintain the right under special circumstances to fast track up. This will be in extremely specific circumstances.

This rank should really explain itself. Long serving members of the guild that are an almost always presence. These are the members that have been here seen it and wear the t-shirt. The only criteria for this rank is longevity and presence.

This is the big one. The one people seem to have difficulty grasping. So firstly this is a floating rank. What I mean by this is that people will be promoted up and down on a weekly basis. To maintain a “Raider” rank members must -
Be following correct sign up procedure fully.
Be properly geared. People should only be raiding with a main. It is your responsibility to get your main geared. If need a little help ask guild but people need to stop messing on their alts while their raid char still haven't got raid worthy gear. If you are wearing crafted items farm the mats for the higher level upgrades. Folks farming gear is so easy there is no excuse for not being raid ready.
During raids they must be eating the correct foods and using correct flasks and buffs without needing prompted.
They should be showing at least a good understanding of their role within team and be following Raid Leaders directions.

Now some people think it is purely about the numbers. Where-as doing good healing or damage is important, demonstrating an understanding of char is more so.

Know your move set. Know where you should be positioned, know who you should be hitting (OR INTERUPTING) and follow sign up procedure and you’re a “Raider.”

Not much explaining here. You’re no longer a try out and have yet to move up rank or currently on a hiatus playing less frequent.

You’ve joined our lovely guild and both you and I are deciding if we’re a good fit. Normal period is 4 weeks but off course some people hit the ground running more than others.

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